Who, when and why?

It started off when I first learned Delphi programming at 18 years old. I was only serving my first few months of National Service (compulsory military service for guys) and one of my seniors assigned me to do a calendar program during my free time which is supposed to help me to develop my understanding in Delphi.

The first version was basic and not meant to be visually attractive at all. The primary purpose is do a calendar that could actually work.  Next was the graphical interface that could be improved on. I saw how good the designs for the mp3 players:  Sonique and WinAmp are and wished I could do something like that.

I tried to do graphic programming and pondered how to generate non-rectangular shapes for windows. Animations are later added as 'visuals'  which are ideas I got from the Sonique mp3 player and from demos learned from my friend, Genma.

Anyway, I decided to put Calenz on the Internet, to share with everyone. I hope everyone will like it and give your support to this hobbyist programmer.

Please visit my profile and portfolio page if you want to find out more about me.


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