Download the Calenz setup file and other miscellaneous Calenz add-ons here. Calenz ver 1.3 is now a freeware and you can enjoy the full features of Calenz! Now, the Calenz Installation is bundled with Calenz, Calenz Designer and the full Calenz Help.

Calenz 1.3 Installation File (Build 13/06/2002)
Calenz_Install.exe (1.69MB)
This version now has a 'Diary' mode which allows you to retain and enter past events which would otherwise be automatically deleted. Now, it has the schemes and data importing features all enabled for all users! Calenz Designer ver 1.2 is also bundled inside too! Bug fixes are as below.

Updates and Patches

Calenz 1.3X Exe [AlphaBlend support]  (Build 13/06/2002)
[Only for Windows 2000/XP] (321KB)
This is a special exe file that allows Calenz to appear alphablended/transculent in Windows 2000 and Windows XP only. It has an 'Alpha' button in the 'Skins' tab of the 'Options' screen. Enter a value to alter the opacity of the Calenz windows! This exe file also has the updated fixes as the exe file above. Download this after you have already installed Calenz. Unzip the downloaded file and replace calenz.exe.

Other downloads:

Calenz Sample Visual Source (11/05/2000) (2KB)
This is a sample Delphi 3 source file for creating your custom visuals. The .dpr file inside the zip file is documented with explanations for the important variables and code needed to compile successfully. Use Delphi 3 or above to open and compile the source. The output will be a library file (.dll) which you have to rename as a visual file (.v) and copy to the 'vis' directory of Calenz to see your results.


Data file downloads
Import these holidays into your calendar! Unzip the file to the 'dat' directory of Calenz or any convenient directory. Choose 'import' from the Data option in Calenz.
You may submit data files of international holidays to

International Holidays 2010 (Each file is about 1KB)
Singapore Holidays 2010
Australia Holidays 2010
Canada Holidays 2010
China Holidays 2010
Denmark Holidays 2010
Hong Kong Holidays 2010
India Holidays 2010
Indonesia Holidays 2010
Japan Holidays 2010
Korea, North Holidays 2010
Korea, South Holidays 2010
Malaysia Holidays 2010
Netherlands Holidays 2004 to 2010, 117 days (submitted by Marieke)
New Zealand Holidays 2010
Taiwan Holidays 2010
United Kingdom Holidays 2010
United States Holidays 2010