What is Calenz and what can it do ?

Calenz is a personal calendar which runs locally on your PC. It allows you to enter any events for days on or after today and Calenz will remind you on the events occurring today and tomorrow. Use it as a means to remind you of important or special days and to schedule your timetable. Calenz can load when Windows boots up and it will notify you with a window of the events happening today and tomorrow. It minimizes automatically after you have read the events or when there are no events.

Calenz in action with an event window: A reminder for today.

In addition, Calenz is visually attractive and it has the ability to change 'skins', 'visuals' and 'schemes' which will give Calenz a totally new design! Everyone can have their unique calendar and will not be bored by the same old interface every time you use Calenz. The custom colour 'scheme' editing adds even more variety in the designing of your custom calendar.

Calenz can be downloaded from the download page and there is a comprehensive help file to guide you when you install Calenz!

An different look for Calenz using the 'Calenz' skin and a monthly event reminder.