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- 19/01/2008 - 2008 Holiday Dat files for 2008 are now available. Get them from the Download Page.

- 15/12/2006 - 2007 Holiday Dat files for 2007 are now available. Get them from the Download Page.

- 09/12/2005 - Holiday Dat files for 2006 are out. Get them from the Download Page.

- 08/07/2004 - My graduation ceremony has just ended. I have finally graduated!
- 21/01/2004 - It's Chinese New Year's Eve! Wishing everyone a prosperous new year ahead! And buy Calenz DIY for USD$5 now! Click here.
- 31/12/2004 - Happy New Year's Eve! Holiday Dat files for 2005 are out. Get them from the Download Page.

- 27/12/2003 - Holiday Dat files for Year 2004 are out. Get them from the Download Page.
- 26/12/2003 - Calenz DIY is out! Wondering what it is? Check it out here.
- 14/11/2003 - Finland Holidays 2004 data file by Henri Leikola.
- 09/11/2003 - Finland Holidays 2003 data file by Henri Leikola added to the download page.
- 17/10/2003 - Updated my profile page with designs and websites I have done in September and October.
- 14/10/2003 - Moved server to a new host at eHostSource.com!
- 05/09/2003 - New skin by Phae: Phink_v1.
- 31/08/2003 - New skin Dumnock uploaded. Designed by k o.
- 31/07/2003 - Well, I have been back in Singapore for a month now. Home sweet home, but school's going to start soon and I am going to get real busy... I got a request for a grayscale skin and check out the Skins page for the PlainGray skin.
- 01/07/2003 - Download the French Holidays for 2003 - 2004 on the download page submitted by Pascal Baronnier.
- 05/06/2003 - Download Netherlands Holidays from 2004 to 2010, including Easter and a total of 117 days. Submitted by Marieke. Check out the download page.
- 21/05/2003 - Updated my profile page with some recent designs.
- 31/03/2003 - Download the Netherlands 2003 holidays submitted by Don en Nel. Available at the download page or click here. I have also updated my profile page here.
- 01/01/2003 - Happy New Year to all! Wishing you a great year ahead!


- 22/12/2002 - Merry Christmas! The Year 2003 holiday data files are available at the download page.
- 12/10/2002 - What have I been doing nowadays? I am over here in Silicon Valley, feel free to browse my photos at this webpage.
- 06/08/2002 - Updated my Links page, added a link to my friend's new local company Kaplen I.T. Services.
- 15/07/2002 - My profile and portfolio page is updated. I have included some T-shirt designs that I have done recently. The link is here.
- 13/06/2002 - Calenz Exe Patch is available at the downloads page. At the same time, a NEW Calenz Exe file is available for Windows2000 and Windows XP, this one uses the alphablending effects supported on these versions of Windows. Check out the details at the downloads page.
- 14/05/2002 - Fixed the link to the schemes on the Schemes page. I am surprised that no one informed me about the wrong link and previously schemes files were downloaded with 0 bytes because of an errorneous directory name.
- 25/02/2002 - Calenz Exe patch available, fixed a datepanel display bug. Download the patch and read its details on the downloads page.
- 01/01/2002 - Happy New Year to everyone out there! My profile and portfolio page is up. Look for the link on the About page or just click here


- 26/12/2001 - Calenz ver 1.3 is now a FREEWARE!. But I would give it a Donateware status though =). If you wish to make a donation for my work, please visit the Donatez page for more details. Download the new version now at the Download page!
  - New skin added: FrozenCalenz. New visual added: Radiant
  - International Holidays for year 2002 are available at the download page
- 15/12/2001 - Fixed a link to SpaceBlobs visual, the previous one was Spaceblobs... an error in case sensitivity, sorry for the error.
- 28/10/2001 - Have neglected this site for quite long... My second year in University is now more hectic. Nevertheless, when my exams are over, I will be putting up Calenz as a FREEWARE! Keep a lookout for the freeware version at the end of 2001. I will be signing up some affiliate programs to help me pay for calenz.com. Please help me by supporting these affiliates...
- 16/04/2001 - A patch for Calenz: Fixes an 'access violation error' that occurs sometimes when Calenz exits.
- 30/03/2001 - A rare chance to update... New skin to download: Aquaz.
- 01/01/2001 - Happy New Year! A new skin and visual for the new year: Gen-2001 & SpaceBlobs. Also added are the Gen-Green and Gen-Red schemes.


- 15/12/2000 - Added Year 2001 Holidays for data importing in the download page.
- 11/12/2000 - Version 1.2 is available. Allows a British/American date setting and symbols with the display of special days in the calendar. See the details of the new features in the 'download' page.
- 23/11/2000 - Was busy with school and exams, not been updating much. A new exe patch is available that fixes the startup code in Calenz. The previous version did not run properly in Windows NT and hopefully it works now...(see the 'download' page). Also, the shareware restriction on adding events only in year 2000 is lifted.
Change of registration policy here. Now, I offer THREE licenses for the same price, that means 3 serial numbers for a registration file. That means you pay for ONE file (with your name) but this file allows you to run the full version on at most 3 PCs. (see the 'register' page). *** Note that existing registered users who already paid for one serial in one file can request additional serials (up to 2) from me, just email me your request and registration number/details.
Calenz will be not a freeware software, at least for now, unless there are people or companies willing to pay for all my web hosting fees. Or maybe I had put in too much effort in Calenz to give it away free...
- 16/09/2000 - New skin by Tananda added: SRS Blue.
- 01/09/2000 - New skin and scheme added: PDA and PDASeaBlue.
- 31/08/2000 - A patch for the exe file that fixes a date error: "Invalid argument to date encode".
-28/07/2000 - A new skin is added: Calenz2000. Not updating much already, school has started... I have noticed that people tend to download the 'more popular' skins ie. skins with a higher number of downloads. This is rather mis-leading as new skins all have an initial download count of 0. What's more, more downloads don't mean that the skins are nicer... Another thing is that schemes are being downloaded but I don't think I have that many registered users. 'Schemes' can only be used in the REGISTERED version.
- 02/07/2000 - A minor font style patch for the exe file. New skin added: Blackz. I would appreciate submissions of skin designs. The shareware version can be skinned also.
- 28/06/2000 - Calenz version 1.1 and Calenz Designer version 1.1 are available. Check the download page for more details. New skin available: RustedMetal, which uses the Arial font instead of the default MS Sans Serif. To view this skin properly, you should download Calenz version 1.1.
- 27/06/2000 - Added more data files for importing in the download page. Added more links in the links page.
- 23/06/2000 - A new intro image for www.calenz.com.
- 18/06/2000 - A total make-over for the web site! A new default skin that resembles the design at www.calenz.com is now available!
- 15/06/2000 - New skin by Tananda Green: Chrome Calenz
- 11/06/2000 - Modified the shareware version such that all skins and visuals can be used, instead of 4 skins and visuals only. However, random skins and visuals will appear in the selection boxes. You can try to 'skin' Calenz using the shareware version too. Download the Calenz Designer if you wish to skin. Other shareware restrictions still apply.
- 09/06/2000 - New skin: Futuristix. New schemes: FuturistixLook1, FuturistixLook2 and FuturistixLook3.
- 07/06/2000 - New skin: AlienDevice. New scheme: MutantDevice.
- 06/06/2000 - Online payment system ready! The credit card payment page is provided by a US company called Kagi. See further instructions in the 'register' page.
New visuals available: DanceOfFire and Particles - Bouncing.
New skin available: BlueGreen.
- 31/05/2000 - Change of registration policy: Only Singaporeans can send cheques and money orders to me. Overseas customers are to use the online credit card payment page that will be available in 1 or 2 weeks. The cost of registering is fixed at US$10 and there no discounts for subsequent buys. But locals can purchase a copy for just S$10 at a reduced price. This is because foreign checks are not worthed to be cashed (the bank takes a fee for this) unless I am dealing with a large amount.
- 29/05/2000 - An exe patch for minor bugs is added to the 'download' page. This is should be where all future updates to the program are located. Please inform me of any bugs you have spotted.
- 25/05/2000 - Added a bolded paragraph in the 'register' page. I do not wish to end up with checks that I cannot cash at all.
- 24/05/2000 - New skin added - Sci-Fic
- 22/05/2000 - Guestbook added! Feel free to post your comments. The link is at the bottom of this page in case you didn't notice. A data download section is added to the 'download' page.
- 19/05/2000 - Replaced the Calenz setup file that does not allow Calenz to run! Some people experienced the error message: 'Program terminated: calenz.exe has been modified'. But I have tried the previous exe file on some other PCs and it worked though. Funny...
- 13/05/2000 - Fixed minor bugs for applying schemes on skins with bitmap buttons and the events list. You can download the Calenz setup again if you want to. New skin - RED available.
- 11/05/2000 - New skin and scheme added, NewAge and a GoldenAge scheme.
- Calenz launches on 10/05/2000!